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At I dream of Geanni, we aim to provide the highest class, quality and standards of adult entertainment in NSW including Strippers Port Stephens Topless Waitresses and Lingerie Maids.  Our Strippers Port Stephens Topless Waitresses and Lingerie Maids come from within the region but also from Central Coast, Hunter Valley and  North Coast, and our International Showgirl Geanni Brasil visits Port Stephens on a very regular basis.

Our Strippers Port Stephens Topless Waitresses & Lingerie Maids are available to support Bucks Parties, Adult Birthdays & Anniversaries and Corporate Functions and Sporting Team events.  There award winning XXXX rated Ultimate Shows, X rated Explicit Shows and R rated Adult Shows and speciality Shows such as the Adult Brazilian Carnival Show is a must see, guaranteeing you will have the best party ever. We have the most sought after Adult Entertainment with Showgirls, Strippers Port Stephens and Topless Waitresses.

You should NOT wait until the last minute to make a booking on the day as we might not be able to support your Bucks Party, Adult Birthday and Events.  Please book your entertainment as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out getting our Strippers Port Stephens Topless Waitresses and Lingerie Maids.

Book Strippers Port Stephens for a XXXX rated Ultimate Show exclusively at I dream of Geanni


XXXX rated Ultimate

The XXXX rated Ultimate Shows IS THE ROLLS ROYCE OF SHOWS FOR Bucks Parties and Men Only events at Port Stephens.  Our models offer the Ultimate Shows exclusively at I dream of Geanni .  Book now as limited XXXX rated Strippers Port Stephens can perform the Ultimate Show otherwise we need to bring more in from Sydney.

Book now Strippers Port Stephens for X rated Explicit Shows at bucks parties - men only events.


X rated Explicit Shows

The X rated Explicit Show is the industry standard for Bucks Parties and Men Only events.  The Explicit Shows is available in a standard 20 minute, deluxe 30 minute and premium 45 minute show.  The longer the show then the more time for tricks and acts by the model.  Book now for X rated Strippers Port Stephens.

Book now Strippers Port Stephens for R rated Adult Shows at Adult birthday parties, suitable for mixed crowds


R rated Adult Shows

The R rated Adults shows are suitable for Adult Birthdays, Anniversaries and at Clubs, Pubs and Events.  The R rated Adult Shows are a 15 minute topless or nude show or a 20 minute sensual show generally selected for 18th & 21st Birthdays and 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays respectively.  Book now for R rated Strippers Port Stephens.

Book now Duo Strippers Port Stephens for X & R rated Duo Shows


Duo X – R rated Show

I dream of Geanni offers X rated Explicit Shows and R rated Adult Shows but in a Duo format.  In other words, you can have two models for the duration of the show together, dancing, stripping and grinding together in a show, enjoying themselves in front of all the guys with our Duo Strippers Newcastle.

Book now our Fatagram Port Stephens for Bucks Parties and Adult Birthdays


Police Brutality Show

Our Fatagram shows are the best speciality and novelty shows available from Newcastle to Sydney to Wollongong and neighbouring areas.  Bella Bee provides a Standard Strippers Port Stephens Topless Fatagram Show – but also a Premium Show – Police Brutality – but it is not for the faint hearted.  A MUST SEE!

Book now our Strippers Port Stephens for the Adult Brazilian Carnival Show at Bucks Parties


Adult Brazilian Carnival

Geanni Brasil is a 100% authentic Brazilian Showgirl from Carnival and provides exclusively her Adult Brazilian Carnival Show through I dream of Geanni.  If you ever wanted to go to Rio (de Janeiro), then let Geanni Brasil bring Rio de Janeiro and Carnival to your next party.  Book now Geanni Brasil as one of your Strippers Port Stephens.

Book now our Adult Waitresses - Nude & Topless Waitresses at Port Stephens for Bucks Parties & Men Only Events


Topless Waitresses

I dream of Geanni provide Nude, Topless and Lingerie Waitresses for Bucks Parties, Men Only Events, Adult Birthdays and Commercial Events at Pubs Clubs and Businesses.  Our Port Stephens Topless Waitress service is really an entertainment service where the models Get the Party Started.

Book our Lingerie Waitresses & Maids at Port Stephens to clean up after your next party.


Lingerie Maids

Our Nude, Topless and Lingerie Maids Port Stephens are available for a dirty cleaning service at your next Bucks Party, Men Only Event, Commercial Property or Private Residence.  Our Sexy Maids are responsible for a cleaning service dressed to make any mind dirty again, no matter how clean they make it.

Book now for Adult Shows & Services at Port Stephens


Bucks Party Manager

At I dream of Geanni we have the necessary experience and skills to arrange your bucks parties on the Port Stephens ,North Coast, Central Coast and South Coast as well as Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.  We specialise in bucks parties including accommodation, meals & drinks and entertainment.

Book now for our All in One Stripper Shows & Waitress Service at Newcastle for Bucks Parties


R rated X rated Duo Show

The All in One Show starts with a 20 minute R rated Adult Nude Show and a Lingerie Waitress Service.  Next is an X rated Show for 20 minutes with a Nude Waitress Service.  And it comes together at the end of the final climax of a DUO X rated Explicit Show for 20 minutes with 2 Strippers Port Stephens.

Book now Topless Waitress Port Stephens Packages available for work


More Topless Waitresses

Do you want more than 1 topless waitress at your bucks party or men only event?  I dream of Geanni offers Nude, Topless and Lingerie Waitress Packages with 2, 3 or more models dressed accordingly to your requirements for a fixed period of time.  Book now our Topless Waitresses Port Stephens Package.

Book now our Webcam Shows for as a present / gift to the Buck, Birthday Boy or Husband


Let your Fantasy Run Wild

I dream of Geanni introduced Webcam Shows for Bucks Parties, Adult Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, and Private Affairs.  Now, the same Webcam Shows can be purchased and given as presents / gifts to the Buck, The Birthday Boy, Leaving Town or more, irrespective of the location.  Get one of our Strippers Port Stephens to perform for you in private.


If you would like more information about Port Stephens Strippers, Topless Waitresses & Lingerie Waitresses ten contact us by telephone at 02.800.34308, send a message 04.111.99997 or via email form below.


Request a fixed price quote now for our Showgirls & Strippers Port Stephens Nude & Topless Waitresses and Lingerie Maids for your Bucks Parties, Men Only Event or Adult Birthday and Wedding Anniversary

At I dream of Geanni - your wish is our command

At I dream of Geanni, we aim to provide the highest quality and standard in Adult Entertainment for NSW.  We supply Showgirls, Strippers, Nude / Topless / Lingerie Waitresses & Maids, and Models.  Our Entertainers are very reliable and the most professional yet still sexy beautiful and outrageously naughty.  Our principal model Geanni Brasil  is – The Brazilian with the Brazilian.  She is a 100% Authentic Brazilian Showgirl from Carnival and now working with her girlfriends.  Geanni Brasil and Girlfriends support Bucks Parties, Adult Birthdays & Anniversaries, Sporting Team & Corporate events for Men Only and Mixed Crowds. Geanni Brasil performs her award winning specialty – the Adult Brazilian Carnival Shows – and the Ultimate shows.  Her Girlfriends perform the Explicit and Adult Shows as Duo and Solo performances in person and by webcam.  At I dream of Geanni, we cover all of NSW.

Strippers Central Coast.  Strippers Hunter Valley. Strippers Newcastle.  Strippers Port Stephens.  Strippers Forster. Strippers Port Macquarie.  Strippers Sydney.  Strippers Wollongong.  Strippers Nowra.  Strippers Bowral.  Strippers Canberra. Strippers Penrith.  Strippers Katoomba. Strippers Bathurst.  Strippers Tamworth.

Contact us for Strippers Port Stephens Topless Waitresses and Lingerie Maids Click here to join our members club for Strippers Port Stephens, Topless Waitresses & Lingerie Maids.  At our members club you will find videos, photos and blogs of our Strippers Port Stephens & Topless Waitresses.  Our Strippers Port Stephens & Topless Waitresses come online often and speak to members via chatrooms, instant messenger and webcam.  You can book a Private or Group webcam show with our Strippers Port Stephens too.  Or maybe you want to see some of their private material in terms of x rated and xxxx rated videos and photos of our Strippers Port Stephens.

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