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At I dream of Geanni we aim to provide the highest class, quality & standard of Adult Entertainment in NSW then Australia.

Our Showgirls, Strippers, Nude – Topless – Lingerie Waitresses, Waiters and Maids are the most professional available.  They are very reliable, beautiful and still sexy, naughty and great entertainers.

Our Adult Models can improve your event with their Adult Party Games and Ideas.  It does not matter whether it is a men only, mixed crowd, corporate or private affair our Guys and Girls can help you!.

We have models based on the NSW Central Coast, South Coast and North Coast as well as Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle. But all of our Adult Models & Entertainers provide service to all of NSW.

Central Coast to Hunter Valley – Newcastle – Port Stephens and Sydney to Wollongong to Penrith is our primary market;

Forster – Port Macquarie, Muswellbrook – Tamworth, Katoomba – Bathurst, Bowral – Canberra and Nowra – Ulladulla – Batemans Bay our secondary market; and

All of NSW as our regional market!

Of course, a booking must justify the time away from home locations for our Adult Models & Entertainers so contact us now to make an inquiry or ask for a price list and or fixed price quote.

Adult Shows & Services at your private residence


Shows & Services – In Person

At I dream of Geanni, we provide In Person Adult Shows and Services to Men Only, Women Only, Mixed Crowds, and Corporate & Sport Team functions, events and parties.

I dream of Geanni specialises in Men Only Adult Entertainment and has Adult Shows and Services for Bucks Parties, Birthdays and Sporting Teams.  For Men Only events see our XXXX rated Ultimate and X rated Explicit range of Shows

But we do also provide Adult Entertainment for Mixed Crowds with a focus on adult birthdays.  I dream of Geanni can provide a tasteful yet risque Adult Show for 18th and 21st Birthdays (a coming of age) and also for the more mature, a sexy show for 30th, 40th and 50th birthday parties.

I dream of Geanni listens to our clients and the female half is telling their men (our clients) what about us.  So we are looking to partner to supply Male Strippers and Topless Waiters for Hens Parties, Baby Showers and Lady only events.  Coming soon – we hope you will too.

Or maybe you want a private affair for a wedding anniversary, birthday or simply an adult present.  At I dream of Geanni we can provide Adult Shows suitable for a couple or even an individual.

And if you want Topless Waitresses or Waiters and Lingerie Maids then just ask us as we are more than happy to provide a tailored solution to meet the needs of your party.

Webcam & Chatroom with our Strippers & Topless Waitresses


Virtual Entertainment – Anytime / Anywhere

See our Adult Models & Entertainers live on webcam – chatroom at I dream of Geanni. 

Our Adult Models & Entertainers appear on Webcam & Chatroom regularly to speak with Clients, Fans and Friends.  Our Adult Models & Entertainers come online interact with their clients, friends and fans on a daily, weekly and scheduled basis.  Sometimes they come online at a unplanned time of day or night when they have such an urge.

Webcam & Chatroom is a great way to keep in touch with Adult Models & Entertainers after the event, and have a more personal, intimate experience with them.

Webcam & Chatroom can be public, closed group and private encounters streamed across the internet and in the convenience of your own home, lounge-room or even bedroom – anywhere you like.

  • Public Webcam & Chatroom is a free event that anyone can attend and are usually scheduled in advance.
  • Group Webcam & Chatroom is limited, closed group forum.  An Adult Model will typically be performing a R rated Adult (topless or nude) show.
  • Private Webcam & Chatroom is a strictly limited forum with a 1 on 1 performance or maybe a couple of Models.


Adult Shows & Services at your private residence


Get to know our models

Do you want to see our Strippers in Videos, Photos & Articles?  

Our Adult Models & Entertainers submit Videos, Photos and Articles each week and we produce new adult content each month and quarter.  I dream of Geanni offers:

  • PG (clothed or covered) material is available to our Visitors;
  • R rated (Topless or Nude) material is available to our Members;  and
  • X rated (toys, etc.) material is available to our VIP’s.

Stripper Videos, Photos & Articles are recorded from Adult Shows, Live Webcam sessions.  Photos come from a modelling assignments too.  

But many clients want a customised video clip where the client defines the scene, clothing – or lack of – toys and accessories and even the script and speaking their names.

And some clients want even more being their behind the camera or even starring in the video.  So if you wish to book our models for a live or virtual photoshoot then contact us now.

So make sure you Sign-up now to become member to read more about our Adult Models & Entertainers lives, client shows and “experiences” and see video clips, images and much more.


Let us help you organise the Bucks Party or Men Only Events.

We can help you with many aspects that normally a best man or best friend does.

1. Accommodation – we can recommend various houses and their real estate agents to make a booking;

2. Daytime – we provide entertainment during the day and night but have partners too.  Our Partners supply Golf, Fishing, Paint Ball, G0 Karts, and more.

3. Guides – Our Models are locals or know the area of your event.  Our models are available to show you around and a good time while at the event.

4. Preparation & Clean-up – book our sexy maids that can cook, serve and clean-up at your events.

5. Deliveries – we can arrange the pick-up and delivery of beers, alcohol, pizza and light food by our Sexy Maids and served by the Lingerie Waitresses too.

6. Music & Lights – We can provide a digital sound system with integrated lights.  Each speaker has 500 watts output and can be easily connected to a PC, iPhone – iPad – iPod or Smartphone device.

7. Photography – We are able to provide a photography service at your party and event too.  We can capture the moment of your shows, and even provide models to the scene.

8. Virtual – And if you cannot book us in person, live at the event then consider the value of Webcam to heighten the party.

The Go to our Adult Party Ideas page to get more information

Contact us for Adult Entertainment, Webcam - Chatrooms and Strippers Videos, Photos & Articles

Contact Contact Strippers & Waitresses

Contact Details for Strippers, Waitresses & maids

At I dream of Geanni, we aim to provide the highest quality and standard in Adult Entertainment for NSW.  We supply Showgirls, Strippers, Nude / Topless / Lingerie Waitresses & Maids, and Models.  Our Entertainers are very reliable and the most professional yet still sexy beautiful and outrageously naughty.  Our principal model Geanni Brasil  is – The Brazilian with the Brazilian.  She is a 100% Authentic Brazilian Showgirl from Carnival and now working with her girlfriends.  Geanni Brasil and Girlfriends support Bucks Parties, Adult Birthdays & Anniversaries, Sporting Team & Corporate events for Men Only and Mixed Crowds. Geanni Brasil performs her award winning specialty – the Adult Brazilian Carnival Shows – and the Ultimate shows.  Her Girlfriends perform the Explicit and Adult Shows as Duo and Solo performances in person and by webcam.  At I dream of Geanni, we cover all of NSW.

Strippers Central Coast.  Strippers Hunter Valley. Strippers Newcastle.  Strippers Port Stephens.  Strippers Forster. Strippers Port Macquarie.  Strippers Sydney.  Strippers Wollongong.  Strippers Nowra.  Strippers Bowral.  Strippers Canberra. Strippers Penrith.  Strippers Katoomba. Strippers Bathurst.  Strippers Tamworth.

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