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Adult Employment for Strippers, Topless Waitresses & Lingerie Maids

Adult Employment

At I dream of Geanni, we aim to provide the highest, class, quality and standard of Adult Entertainment throughout NSW.  Our models are very reliable and turn-up for shows on time, the most professional and yet still beautiful, sexy & naughty and great entertainers. Some of our Adult Models also provide shows exclusively at I dream of Geanni that is not provided elsewhere.

We offer R rated Adult and X rated Explicit Shows as well as Waitress Service ranging from bikini & lingerie, to topless & nude services as the level of dress (or undress).  We also offer XXXX rated Ultimate Shows that are offered by our models exclusively to us and not available elsewhere.  Our Ultimate shows focus on interaction with the Guest of Honour and Crowd as well as the model pleasuring herself during the show.

At I dream of GEANNI - your wish is our command.

Adult Employment for male strippers, and waiters
We are looking for ...

Yes we are always looking for the RIGHT Model and not just any models.

Following are the characteristics we are looking for:

  1. Good People - that lead a life to help others & animals and not always whinging, bitching or criticising.
  2. Honest & Loyal – we are after great people who are honest and loyal to the agency and to the team & our clients.
  3. Reliable – girls who answer job requests quickly, arrive on time and NEVER cancel jobs.
  4. Professional – girls who know how to make their first appearance count by having their hair, make-up and tan all done with a nice dress, shoes and accessories such as earrings.
  5. Entertainers – we need confident and extroverted models as you are not only waitresses but really entertainers.
  6. Extroverts - that like to engage with people and chat and have a good time.
  7. Flirtatious - that enjoy the company of the opposite sex.
  8. Sex Appeal – everyone is sexy and you need to use these natural assets to the best of your ability.
Our Business Model is

Our business model is we would prefer to give the majority of work 80% to 20% of the models - the Crème de la Crème of models - the minority 20% on our books - i.e. the Pareto Principle. Why? because 80% of the revenue / income / work comes in from only 20% of the models.  It is much easier to manage successfully a smaller group of models and then we can have a better working relationship with those models. But we endeavour to work effectively with all models!  So those 20% preferential models change given performances, referral business, promotion of our business and website, and appearance.  Therefore, we are constantly evaluating our models with the clients, other models, and the management team to determine those who should get preferential treatment.

Terms and Conditions

Very limited number of models are Employed by I dream of Geanni.  The high majority of models are sub-contracted / booked to work directly with our clients.  As defined, I dream of Geanni is a Booking Agency and not that of a Prime Contractor.  Therefore, the model is responsible for all of their own costs to deliver service, taxes, insurances & workers compensation and any liabilities incurred as a Sub-contractor to complete the work you apply to undertake. We take precautionary measures to ensure jobs are safe and secure but the ultimate responsibility is with the subcontractor, the model, to ensure their work environment is safe before commencing, undertaking or completing Adult Shows and Services.

Application Process

Following is a brief summary of the work application process.


  1. Complete the Application Form below completely with all details as request.
  2. Any photos and videos sent must be solely owned and licensed by you giving us the authorisation to use the materials
  3. A representative from the company will contact you within 14 days to discuss your application.
  4. Send in addition information such as Identification, License, RSA, ABN and images or videos.
  5. If successful, initially you will be added to the available job lists in which case your photos will be sent to clients by text messages or emails.
  6. After a probationary period, your images and videos if applicable will be added to our website and social media pages.

  • First Name*Christian Name
  • Last Name*Surname
  • Sex*As of now
  • Date of Birth*dd/mm/yyyy
  • Contact:*Mobile No.
  • Email:*address
  • No. #*number
  • Street*streetname
  • Suburb*name of suburb
  • State*select your state
  • Post Code*
  • Roles*which sex
  • Role Type*Shows & Services
    Erotic Shows
    Adult Waitresses / Waiters Service
    Sexy Lingerie Maids
    Sexy Tradesman
    Webcam Models
  • Shows*Erotic Shows
    R rated Adult Topless
    R rated Adult G-string
    R rated Adult Nude
    R rated Adult Sensual
    R rated Lesbian Duo
    X rated Explicit
    X rated Lesbian Duo
    XXXX rated Ultimate
    Adult Brazilian Carnival
    Novelty Theme
    Showgirl Theme
  • Services*Waitress Type
    Promotion Model
    Swimsuit - Bikini Model
    Lingerie Waitress
    Topless Waitress
    Nude Waitress
    Topless Waiter
    G string Waiter
    Nude Waiter
    Adult House-Maid
    Adult Hunk Husband
    Webcam Models
  • 18
  • License*drivers license
  • Transport*What type of travel
  • Travel*do you want jobs outside of your homebase
  • Distance in Hours*willingness to travel from home
    1 - 3.6999999999999997
  • WE PREFER PROFESSIONAL IMAGES TO BE UPLOADED ABOVE. Professional images help models secure the most work possible. If models do not have professional images then ask about our profile packages of photos, videos and slideshows.
  • ID*Copy of IDUpload
    • Face*upload files hereUpload
      • Top Half*upload files hereUpload
        • Full Length*upload files hereUpload
          • Rear View*upload files hereUpload
            • RSA*documentationUpload

              • You must use UNIQUE file names when loading. The files cannot just be image 1, image 1, image. Use you First Name + Last name + File Tye (ID or RSA or Top Half). For example, John Smith Top Half.jpeg
              • Approval
              • Age of Consent*You are 18 years or older
              • Ownership*You own the material
              • Rights of Authority*you give us authorisation to use your material to:
                Send to the clients
                On our website(s)
                Using on our Facebook Pages
                Using on our Twitter Feeds
                Using on other Social media
              • Comments*Any specifics we should be aware of in regards to your employment or subcontracting with us before we send you jobs notices such as jobs you do not wish to undertake
              • 38
              Please complete the Adult Employment form above or call us

              Please call us if you have any problems with your application for Adult Employment.

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